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These children and poor families are in desperate need. Your help and ongoing support will ensure the necessary education and support for children and poor families to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way.

These people can have the opportunities for a happy and productive life.

Our first priority is the education of our children and all other available funds go directly according to the greatest needs.

We graciously accept any donations in support of our ongoing projects - no matter how small are most welcome. Such donations go into a general fund to assist with educational materials, extra health care, community training and school support.

You may also choose to specify which project you would like to support. (scholarship, school bag and stationery, classroom furnishings, self-development training, first aid training)

Other contribution such as clothing, school books, stationeries etc.. are most welcome.

These items would allow us to help with general support.

Donation - Thank you for your donation.

Direct Funds Transfer

Himalayan Education Charity Foundation
PAN: 303518248
Himalayan Bank Limited
KSK Building Tridevi Marg
Thamel, Kathmandu
A/C No. 01902130260017
Telex No. 2789 HIBA NP


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